top independent music distribution companies 2015

On the internet music distribution has come a long way since the very early days of the web. In this write-up I quickly introduce you to music distribution business and also the services they offer you as an independent music artist.

Digital music distribution over the web now makes it possible to obtain your music into the primary online music sellers and also marketplaces such as …

  • iTunes
  • Rhapsody
  • Napster
  • MusicNet
  • eMusic
  • Sony Link
  • GroupieTunes/ imvu/ SonicTap
  • MP3
  • ShockHound
  • Amie Street
  • LimeWire Store

Now, you don’t would like to attempt and also submit to each of these stores separately and because of this I suggest you take advantage of the solutions supplied by internet music distribution business.

These solutions will obtain your music into the major on the internet music merchants marketplaces for a cost and/or a commission. This conserves you a lot of inconvenience and also time because it streamlines the procedure of digital music distribution for you.

TuneCore, ReverbNation, Nimbit and CD Baby are a few examples of web music distributions firm you can choose in between. These firms all supply music distribution for independent artists with mild distinctions in just how they charge and run.

I recommend Tunecore to the independent artists I deal with as I’ve discovered it to be a trusted service at an excellent price, and also it has a fantastic team of folks behind it.

It has never been less complicated to obtain your music distributed at an inexpensive than today so when you prepare I suggest you look at the services I stated in this post.

Keep in mind nevertheless that having music on iTunes doesn’t imply you’ll offer music on iTunes, simply puts …

… just since you could make your music readily available does not suggest folks will discover it and get. You need to route folks to your music and also ask them to get through your promotion initiatives on your website and also social media network profiles such as MySpace, Facebook and twitter.

Make sure to look at the connected to additional articles in my biography listed below need to you would like to learn more concerning exactly how to get your music distributed with the primary on the internet music sellers such as iTunes as well as Amazon MP3.

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